Project Description

BiiBCAD is a PDC software solution that has been developed from a traditional clinical workflow, to be used by the prosthodontic architect to restore the missing teeth of a patient using two implants or more. The implant restoration can be fixed or removable and usually reconstructed using only three materials, titanium, ceramic and composite. The principles of BiiBCAD are quite specific, final tooth position must be established and the final occlusal scheme, before the final reconstruction can be manufactured:

  1. Special Tray
  2. Indexing Jig
  3. MMR
  4. Establish the vertical dimension
  5. Establish the facial and lip contour
  6. Establish the centerline and smileline
  7. Set final tooth position
  8. Tryin final tooth position
  9. Implant reconstruction ready to be designed

BiiBCAD is complemented by the virtual tooth setup, virtual articulation,2D face smile view and avatar programs. All cases must be articulated with a Artex CN articulator to be able to Quality control scanned and designed data.