Project Description

ProsCAD is a PDC software solution that gives the prosthodontic architect the ability to design, engineer and manufacture complete dentures, partial dentures and partial chrome dentures. It is complemented with the virtual tooth setup, virtual articulator, 2D face smile view and the Avatar software modules. It follows the principles of a clinical workflow:

  1. Primary impressions to design special trays.
  2. Secondary impressions to design occlusal rims
  3. Articulation to design smile and mold shape of teeth (ftp)
  4. Trial fitting
  5. Manufacture final product.

You can also design metal reinforcement for all complete dentures with pins in each denture tooth. It includes two denture tooth libraries from Vita and Heraeus.

All cases must be articulated to an Artex CN articulator for quality controlling all the scanned data and the design data.